Train Route

16 July, 2012 § Leave a comment

Train route in Indonesia just available on Java and Sumatera only. In colonialism era, Madura had a train route from Kamal to Sumenep. Effacement of Madura train route happened on President Soeharto government a.k.a "Orde Baru" (new orde). My mom while teenager got sense this train. She come from Pamekasan and go to Surabaya with this train. After touch down to Kamal station, she using ferry boat to cross a Madura Strait and continued to Surabaya. When she got to Tanjung Perak port, she change a train in Perak station to downtown of Surabaya.

Old Surabaya is a beautiful city, looks like Batavia, old Semarang which an electrical trem connected around downtown, huge and clean of river. Colonialism of Netherlands in Indonesia is designed Surabaya (Jakarta and Semarang) as East of Netherland.

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